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Opquast Desktop

Opquast tests live in your browser

Opquast Desktop is a Firefox extension that allows you to launch more than 450 tests (UX, SEO, accessibility, performance…) on the webpages you're currently browsing or coding.

Add to Firefox version 2.0.4
for Firefox 45.0 and 50.0

Issues detection and highlight

Opquast Desktop tests automatically your web page and displays your results. For some issues, thanks to Firefox web developer tools, you can directly locate the errors on the page.

You can test the following checklists:

Export your results

Yous can directly export your tests once they're completed:

  • CSV: your tests results can be saved and open with most spreadsheet software or handled by your own programs.
  • Opquast Reporting: you can export your test directly to Opquast reporting, regarding you allreaddy own an account.
    Learn more on Opquast Reporting

Conception and development

Olivier Meunier, Elie Sloïm, Fabrice Bonny, Aurélien Levy and Mickaël Hoareau for Temesis SAS - 18, rue Lucien Granet 33150 Cenon - France.

With the assistance of pôle Aquitain en logiciels libres Aquinetic and with support from Région Aquitaine.

Many thanks to Temesis team and all Opquast Project contributors and partners.

Opquast Desktop is distributed under the terms of the Mozilla Public License. Sources are available on GitHub.